Five Minute Friday: Hold

Every week, a whole heap of fabulous women get together and write for Five Minute Friday. Today's prompt is...



I can't remember the last time I did this. Put things on hold. Patiently waited for the next thing to come.

Graduate high school. Graduate college. Get a job? No. Graduate graduate school. Get a job. Get married. Have children. Buy a house. Move. Buy another house. Move.


On hold. Time to breathe in the fresh air of giggles and runny noses and silly stories and middle of the night need for snuggles.

Pause. Notice the sun filtering in through the acred trees. The way she holds his hand to make sure he doesn't stumble. His immediate apology when he's wronged her in some way, by means of a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.

Wait. Enjoy the extra few minutes of sweet baby sleep, sipping coffee, smelling the quiet of the morning.

All of our lives are meant to keep moving forward, looking toward the next best thing. But I want to be on hold. I want them to stay right here where I have them, holding them in the palm of my hands, being a part of their every day, every moment.




Tot School: Letter L

(Miss E ~ 46 months)
(Mr. C ~ 23 months)

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Hello, hello!

So, this is actually our second week of Tot School this school year, but Blogger and I had a fight with last week's post, and Blogger won. I've decided to just move on :)

Mr. C is so much more into the structured activities I've planned each week than I ever imagined. He's been a bit slower to talk than his sister was at this age, so unfortunately that means that sometimes I underestimate the full extent of his capabilities. It has been so much fun to watch him!

Our room was set up with all things L, including the kiddo's reading nook. We LOVE going to the library each week to pick out our books for the week's Tot School letter. This week was no exception. Since our letter L focus was on lions, llamas and leaves, our books went along with the theme.

A favorite was Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. Since the weather has been oh, so nice, we headed outside to collect items for our very own leaf man.

Miss E gave hers a walking stick, just like the one she likes to use when she goes for a hike :)

In addition to letter-focused printables found here, Miss E has been using the Kumon workbooks for writing and cutting. She's been SO into figuring out sounds of letters and trying to write them, so I thought I'd capitalize on it!

To keep her thumb up, I draw a smiley face on her thumb nail as a reminder. Works like a charm! I think I learned the trick from 1plus1plus1equals1.net:)

Back when Mr. C was a wee one, we did a whole week focused on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We took out a few of those activities, since the caterpillar eats leaves. Of course!

There you have it! A fun, but VERY busy week. Fall always brings out the craftiness in me, so be on the look out for some fun crafty-crafts soon!

Until next time,

Mrs. Kuda


Five Minute Friday: Whisper

Every week, a whole heap of fabulous women get together and write for Five Minute Friday. Today's prompt is...



It's been a while since I've done Five Minute Friday. I can't be exactly sure of the reason, but I do have a guess. It's the little whisper telling me no. No, you can't write. No, your blog won't reach anyone. No, you're not a good mom, a good wife, a good friend.

But my yes is becoming bigger. Louder. Stronger. The more I throw my faith to the wind and hurl my worries aside, the more I am able to clearly see the path directly in front of me. And that path does not include fear. It squelches the subtle whisper of doubt and unease and no-you-can'ts so that it barely makes a sound.

It's still there. But I know that I have been put here in this place at such a time as this, and it is meant for good. And encouraging. And sharing. And being a light in this place that can be so dark.


Well, I probably didn't intend to get so deep, but that's what five minutes under the gun will do to you!

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Mrs. Kuda
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