Are We Normal?

This post is sooooo not going to be what you thought it was about. Just saying.

Nine years ago, I met this guy. I met him at the end of a time in my life where I'd probably made some poor choices as far as men I had dated, and I will be the first to say I was a bit skeptical. He was opinionated, ultra-conservative, sarcastic, overly confident, and oh so handsome. Totally not who I thought I needed or wanted at the time. Until my sweet friend (and roomie) Jessi met him. And took it as her job to take the next three months to convince me he would be the guy I would marry.

Long story short, we were engaged in less than a year, and married almost exactly a year later. Mr. Kuda has given me a life I never thought was possible. We laugh daily. We argue. We roll our eyes at each other. But at the end of the day, we love each other.  And it is hard, hard work to love, or even like someone for any length of time.

And that was before kids. Adding kids to a marriage is like adding baking soda to boiling water. You think it will add a little kick, and everything just boils over. Kids are hard. They will not fix a marriage or make it better. They will test it to its outer limits, and then they will test it some more. Add in a little fatigue and false expectations for parenthood, and you've got yourself a big hot mess. Except when you have the perfect person for you standing right along side getting you through to the other side. When you have someone who knows how to see the lighter side of things, and knows how to help you see it, too.

Don't get me wrong. Since moving three times, having two kiddos, and a number of job changes, Mr. Kuda and I have definitely had some downs to match our ups. But again, at the end of the day, he's still my best friend. And even when I don't like him very much, I love him so so much. I love that I am the person that gets to be his person, and watch him grow as a father, spouse, and so much more.

A while back, we were watching TV in bed, and he was about to go out of town for a ski trip. We were both zoned out on our phones, but I knew he was leaving so I put my leg next to his, just so we were connected somehow. Now, both of us pretty much hate feet (Especially me. I despise them. A lot.), and he somehow thought it was me that had put my foot on him (pretty sure this isn't how it went down), and somehow it ended up with feet trying to get all up in each other's business, eventually with Mr. Kuda's feet ending up on my head. And us just sitting there laughing hysterically, with our feet on each other's heads. Then he looked at me and said, "We can't be normal. I mean, are we normal?" We just looked at each other and laughed, talked a bit, then went to sleep.

Babe, we are so not normal. It is so awesome. And I couldn't imagine being so not normal with anyone else in this world. Happy 7th (WHAT? How did that happen?!?) Anniversary! I can't believe we get to do this life together, and I love you to pieces!

xoxo, k.


Fun Girl's Hair Bow Display

I'm linking up to Serenity Now blog's Weekend Bloggy Reading party this week! Hop on over and enjoy some other amazing projects!

Y'all. Ever since these have shown up on Pinterest, I knew that at some point I would end up buying one. Until I found my inner craftiness, and realized I could probably do it myself. And you can, too!


This is what our "hair drawer" looks like. On a good day. And Miss E is three (going on thirty), so I know this little situation will not rectify itself unless I enlist my favorite craft store, some elbow grease, and get to work. Because let's be honest. She's a girly girl, and the bows are only going to get bigger with age...

But you know what? It cost me less than TEN DOLLARS.  I'll let that sink in for you for a moment.

I know. Awesome.

Are we ready? Good!

* Cork board or other frame with some sort of backing attached to frame
* Spray Adhesive
* Fabric
* Ribbon

* Decorative Trim/Cording
* Hot Glue

There's a cork board under there. I promise.
1. After ironing our fabric, Miss E and I headed outside in some fresh air to use the spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the cork board. I really didn't want the fabric sliding around, and this was the perfect solution. It was the first time I had used spray adhesive (remember? I'm in the middle of finding my inner craftiness...), and I have to say, I loved it! It was very forgiving, especially with the fabric. I was able to lift it up and reapply as needed for several minutes.

2. Miss E and I gently smoothed the fabric to ensure no wrinkles were on the front side of the board. I sprayed the cork first, then the actual frame, tucking the fabric in close to the edges.

3. Using the spray adhesive, I sprayed each edge of the frame, gently wrapping the fabric around it. The only tricky part was the corners. I ended up wrapping it like a Christmas present, and it was perfect.

And honestly? I'm pretty sure I could use this for some other project. How cute does it look just standing alone like this? Adorable.

4. We headed inside, and I got to work with my hot glue gun. After measuring the ribbon out and spacing it evenly, I attached the ends of the ribbon to the top and bottom of the board, leaving most of the ribbon free to attach Miss E's bows.

5. I used jute cording to go around the edges. I liked the idea of breaking up the fabric a bit, and adding the jute did just the thing. A little hot glue around the edges to secure, and it was complete!

6. Last, but not least, add the bows! I wish I had caught the look on Miss E's face when she saw our creation complete. Pure joy!

And here's a shot in her room, low enough so she can reach it.

There you have it, friends!! Completely organized and super adorable hair bow display. And so easy!

Until next time,

Mrs. Kuda

Weekend Bloggy Reading


Magnetic Dry Erase Board!

With all the heavy posts recently (here and here and here), I thought I'd throw in a little crafty craft to lighten the mood!

My birthday/Mother's Day gift from Mr. Kuda was a little closet office to call my very own. After having my laptop float around the house, I cannot tell you what a blessing this little space has been! I will definitely do a post on the office itself, but I thought I'd show you a little project I completed as a part of the office.

This little ditty took no more than 30 minutes. So easy! And it was the perfect addition to my little (and you'll see at a later date, it is just that: little) closet office.

* Open frame, any size
* Stainless steel sheeting (I used 28 gauge)
* Tin snips
* Push points
* Notched picture frame hanger

How To:

1.  Start off by snipping the stainless steel with your tin snips to the measurements needed for your frame. There's a bit of a learning curve, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I found that if I didn't close the snips all the way and kept a continual scissor motion, the cut line was much smoother.

This was my first cut...

And this was my second...

It got better. I promise. And I wasn't really too concerned, given that the edges would be hidden by the frame.

2.  Using a flathead screwdriver, push the push points in around the frame, spaced evenly. My frame is 11x14, and I used two on the shorter side, and three on the longer side. Depending on your frame, you may have to use a hammer to tap the screwdriver a bit to get them in. Be aware that they are a little thin, so if you apply too much pressure, you'll bend them.

The trick is to get the "point" as flat as possible, and push the perpendicular part toward the frame.

3. Last, but not least, you need to hang your frame! I chose to use a notched hanger, but of course choose whichever method you think is best. This was the quickest and easiest method for me, especially since all I had to do was measure to find the center, then push it in with my own two hands. Easy as pie!

4. Accessorize! Hobby Lobby is my go to place for inexpensive doo dads, and of course they didn't disappoint... I found a magnetic eraser and dry erase markers, which was perfect for this project. Further, a sweet friend of mine had made these magnets for me. Perfect!

And there you have it! I wish it looked this organized all the time, but sometimes it does get a little out of hand. Here's what it looks like right this second...

Some kiddo artwork, a birthday party invitation, and a reminder of why I stay home :)

Hope you enjoyed this! It really is the perfect addition to an office space, or even the kitchen/mudroom/foyer... wherever your home base is. Have fun!

Until next time,

Mrs. Kuda