31 Days

What in the world is 31 Days?

Why, let me tell you! 31 Days is a writing challenge, in which writers from all over the cyber world come together and write every. single. day for the month of October. Some use it as a chance to focus on a certain topic, while others use it to just get themselves out there.

I'm doing both. It's been pretty clear that writing has been a passion of mine for quite some time, but I really hadn't figured out what that looks like as a stay at home mom until recently.

So, what to write? Well, this past year has been a year of eye-opening encouragement from strangers, friends and family. I plan to take you on a journey of encouragement: what it looks like to me, how I've been encouraged, how I (try) to encourage others, and how might it look like in your life.

Care to join the campaign?


Miss a post?

Intro: Encourage Daily Campaign
Day 1: Why Encourage?
Day 2: It's the Little Things
Day 3: Five Minute Friday: New
Day 4: A Good Heart
Day 5: A Day of Rest (1)
Day 6: The Perfectionist
Day 7: Drain and Re-Spin
Day 8: Teaching Our Kids to Encourage
Day 9: Pay It Forward
Day 10: Five Minute Friday: Care
Day 11: Simple Saturdays
Day 12: A Day of Rest (2)
Day 13: Write A Letter
Day 14: Courage
Day 15: A Cup of Coffee
Day 16: Spreading the Love (and We're Halfway There!)
Day 17: Five Minute Friday: Long
Day 18: Simple Saturdays
Day 19: A Day of Rest (3)
Day 20: The Overscheduled
Day 21: Your Time
Day 22: You're Not Good Enough
Day 23: Strong
Day 24: Five Minute Friday: Dare
Day 25: Simple Saturdays
Day 26: A Day of Rest (4)
Day 27: Your Superhero
Day 28: Your People (Part 1)
Day 29: Your People (Part 2)
Day 30: Brave
Day 31: Five Minute Friday: Leave

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