Catching Up...

All right, so I've had a couple of days off from my 21 day challenge, although the celebration of Christ rising from the dead is a pretty good excuse, so I'll just continue on from here...

As a side note, E in her Easter dress :)

Day 3 of the Challenge was to clear out the Tupperware cabinet.  Honestly, I like how my Tupperware drawer is organized. We use everything in it, and it works for us.  That being said, it doesn't mean we can't clean things up a bit.


This is the most organized space in our house. I'm not kidding. I think it's the plethora of items that fit into one another. It helps with the whole "organization" thing.

E, of course, helped supervise...

I simply cleared everything out, vacuumed the dust behind the pull-out drawer (or as my husband in his New England accent would say, "draw." Leave it to New Englanders to leave 'r' out of words...), and cleaned everything up with Clorox wipes.  Ta da! Clean Tupperware cabinet!

Approval from the princess...

The first three challenges have not actually been too, well, challenging. It really is the small things, like a couple of clean drawers in the kitchen, that truly make my life so much easier! I am however, dreading the next two: under the kitchen sink and the linen closet...  The thought actually makes me want to ditch the entire effort, but of course, this too shall pass.  On to the next!!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter Sunday, and took time to appreciate all of the small things in your life.

Until next time,
Mrs. Kuda


Day 2: The Computer Desk

 Before I get to today's challenge, I just want to let everyone know that I did complete my challenge last night. Yay!

News flash! We have 1100 square feet, and around 400 of that we hardly use (it's the basement).  My computer desk is anywhere I can find a place to put my little behind long enough to check some email or blog. The equivalent however, would have to be the top of the wine cabinet. It collects everything, from bills to the Bible.

Honestly, it has seen worse days, but it could still use some help.

I do have a confession.  I took everything out and put it in the basement, in piles to be organized. They're organized piles, and Paul and I do have plans to file everything this weekend, but the job is much too big for just one nap, or even for a day.  But ignoring that completely, look how pretty!

I feel so accomplished for these two days of organizing during nap times! I don't dare sneak in to snap a pic, but here's the little girl snoozing away...

God bless the person who invented video monitors...

Until next time!

Mrs. Kuda


Things are going to change around here...

All right. So, I guess there have been HUGE changes over the course of the last 5 months, but I ran across a blog about organization, and it got me thinking. My type A personality was what I was known for at work, but not so much in my personal life. My desk was organized, I was a stickler for deadlines and paperwork, and I was known to be a person to go to in order to get things done because of said Type A personality.

At home? Not so much. I have a clean house that is relatively picked up, especially with the help of my dear hubby. I wish I could say that it was pristine, but who are we kidding, here? I have a 5 month old! Not happening!

But wait a second! I have a new job as a stay at home mom (at least for now), so why am I not practicing my 'at work' habits? It occurred to me today that what's missing from my day-to-day is my internal desire to organize every morsel of stuffs in my house!

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but laundry and house cleaning while baby naps just isn't cutting it for me any more. (An earlier post update: She does nap!  Success!!) So I'm going to take the 21 day challenge, thanks to Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

For the next 21 days (Or more. Let's be honest with ourselves, here), I will post my successes with my cutie in tow as we strive to get the Kuda household a bit more organized.  Just the thought of little organized bins of our things makes me smile :)

Day 1: The Junk Drawer

Oy. We have two.  And a junk basket. One day at a time...I'm on it.

So, the words, "I don't even know what that is..." came out of my mouth at least five times. I'm not kidding. I love my husband, but I feel like this is on him.  As a result of this, I made one little addition to Lemon's challenge of a keep pile, donate pile and throw away pile. The Paul bag. It's a nice Ziploc baggie designated for him. He knows what these things are, so he is likely better able to determine which pile they go into.

A tool? A pen? We don't know. Into the Paul bag it goes.

And for the record, we don't ever need to buy pens ever again. Ever. And if you need a pen? Just give us a call. We have a few dozen we could lend you. And how many hi-lighters does one need? Anyone?

One out of two ain't bad... Right?

Until tomorrow... The TOP of the desk. Sigh...

Mrs. Kuda
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