Giving Thanks {One}

It's November. And my head is spinning from a whirlwind of encouragement and love spread through the month of October. So much so, that I have no idea where to go from here! But I do know this: I will write. I will encourage. And I hope you'll continue with me on my journey.

I'm trying something new (for me) this month. Since I try to hook up with some inspiring folks on Mondays, I'm going to use this, the first day of the week, as a common theme throughout the month. I'll still post some crafty crafts from time to time, but I think it's clear that God's plan is not for me to glorify Him in that way!

This morning, as my brain lay empty in the vast wasteland that some people call "writer's block," I read a verse, and how fitting it was on this first Monday of November:

Everything is for your benefit, so that grace extended through more and more people, may cause thanksgiving to increase God's glory.
2 Corinthians 4:15

Wasn't that exactly what my 31 Days of Encouragement about? It's simple: the more you put in, the more you get out. The more grace extended, the more and more people receive.

Here's the thing about the enemy: He can't stand this. His sole purpose is to separate people. to find a fault then dig his heels deep so that the crevice of negativity, and destroy the power of relationships we have in one another.

How do we stop it?

We give thanks. Even in those who are driving us crazy and have weird personality ticks, we thank our sweet Lord for their presence in our lives. We find the good. We find the light. Darkness can't live in those places. When we seek just the smallest glimmer, the tiniest fractal of light, we defeat the enemy and grace carries on.

Happy Monday, friends!

xoxo, k.


  1. Great verse! How about instead of 31 days of encouragement, you give us 30 reasons why we should have a thankful heart? :)

    1. Right!! Only if you do 20 guest posts! xoxo

  2. I am giving thanks with you!!!

  3. Yes!!! The light overcomes the darkness. Gratitude is such a gift. Remembering what we have been given and how it blesses our lives. Happy Monday to you too!!

  4. In the beginning was the Light. And the darkness certainly hates the Light. May each of us always keep our attitude filled with gratitude so that Light has a place to shine through us.

  5. "Even in those who are driving us crazy and have weird personality ticks, we thank our sweet Lord for their presence in our lives." As a teacher, I've certainly found this to be true! :) In every kid, with every issue - there are huge blessings!! So glad you had writer's block and read this verse!

    1. As a speech pathologist, I can totally relate! Those kiddos are so so special :) Thanks for reading, Carol!


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