Day 2: The Computer Desk

 Before I get to today's challenge, I just want to let everyone know that I did complete my challenge last night. Yay!

News flash! We have 1100 square feet, and around 400 of that we hardly use (it's the basement).  My computer desk is anywhere I can find a place to put my little behind long enough to check some email or blog. The equivalent however, would have to be the top of the wine cabinet. It collects everything, from bills to the Bible.

Honestly, it has seen worse days, but it could still use some help.

I do have a confession.  I took everything out and put it in the basement, in piles to be organized. They're organized piles, and Paul and I do have plans to file everything this weekend, but the job is much too big for just one nap, or even for a day.  But ignoring that completely, look how pretty!

I feel so accomplished for these two days of organizing during nap times! I don't dare sneak in to snap a pic, but here's the little girl snoozing away...

God bless the person who invented video monitors...

Until next time!

Mrs. Kuda

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