Encourage Daily Campaign

Remember The Woman at the Giant? I hope you do, and if not I encourage you to read her story. She quite possibly changed the outcome of my summer this year.

See, I was in a bit of a funk. I can't really describe it in any other way, but I was struggling with finding a true purpose. As Mr. C has transitioned from the infant to toddler years (For the record, I'm pretty sure his Pediatrician called him a preschooler at his two year check up. And I almost hit the floor.), I'm struggling finding a vision and direction for which way I want to go. Right now Mr. Kuda is probably thinking, "Back to work would be a good start," but we're not quite there yet :)

Something happened in the midst of her encouragement in that check-out line, as the tears were swelling up with frustration and worry and am-I-doing-this-mommy-thing-right. She sparked something in me, and I can't quite shake it.

Encouragement. This very thing is what has gotten me through the past year. Not only through those I've met and become close to, although those friendships have redefined me as a mom and a friend and a woman. No, it's been the casual remarks of strangers. The smile and a knowing nod of the mother who's already been through the trenches.

The other morning I was praying hard. Hands buried, eyes burning hard prayers. Lord, give me my path! I feel like I'm on the verge of something, God, but I just don't know what it is. And I am so frustrated!

And then He gave me the idea. To start a campaign. Of encouragement and paying it forward. Of moms and dads and grandmas and friends and neighbors.

Ok, great, Lord! You gave me an idea! And how in the world am I going to do that?

And then my feedly feed popped up The Nester's 31 Day writing challenge for October. And then a blogger friend of mine liked it on Facebook. And then someone else mentioned it in conversation. And then my feedly did something weird, and it popped up again in my feed.

I'm listening, Lord, and I'm trying to be obedient. Join me in thirty-one days of encouragement. Share who's encouraged you, who's inspired you, ways that you encourage your friends, family and neighbors.

Look out for my first post on Wednesday, October 1! You can find each day's post here, and it will also have links at the bottom to the previous posts of the months. If you'd like to subscribe by email so you get each post in your inbox, by all means, please do!

See you in October!

xoxo, k.


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