Tot School: Letter T

(Miss E ~ 46 months)
(Mr. C ~ 24 months)

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I don't know about y'all, but we're finally getting into the swing of things as far as the new school year goes. Adding a few new activities has definitely been an adjustment, but we're getting there! And naps. Naps are still few and far between, but they're there, hiding intermittently throughout the week. What a difference a nap makes!

This week, we celebrated the Letter T! Mr. C is probably into every stereotypical toy/topic that your average two year old boy would enjoy, so T made him oh so happy! Since sister loves her brother so, she was happy to oblige.

We started off the week with trucks and trains, galore! I try to rotate toys a little bit as to keep things new, so knowing the letter T was coming, these had been put away for a few weeks. They were so excited to have the train set out again! We have both the Conductor Carl and Thomas the Train sets, and they love to have the trains mingle :)

Y'all. Both kids INDEPENDENTLY set up the train set this week. I was doing dishes, and they did this themselves! Miss E actually sang a song about the letter T, and I about fell on the floor. It was a great day.

Both kiddos are really into do-a-dots right now, so it was a perfect way to start on our table top activities.

Mr. C celebrated his second birthday, and got some AWESOME toys and books that fit right in with our theme! A friend (who is very familiar with this boy's love language of all things that go) gave Mr. C Sally Sutton's Roadwork, and the corresponding CAT mini-machines. We matched the corresponding trucks to each part of the story, and Miss E acted them out.  It was such a fun change to our typical Tot School day :)

Yes. That is my foot.

Both kiddos are still really into table top tasks, so I try to take advantage of it. Miss E did the letter maze, while Charlie used letter T stampers.

She worked so hard to make a pattern (blue, purple, pink) with her stickers.

Both kids worked well together using play dough to make our letter of the week. I used this time to review last week's letter, as well.

We're still working on cutting, and finding better ways to cater to each child's skills. Miss E cuts out the animals for our letter T, and Mr. C practices with strips of construction paper.

We're still working on shapes, too, so we used another of Mr. C's birthday gifts (Melissa and Doug's Pattern Blocks) in our Tot School time. This was another great activity for some independence! Miss E actually started a game, shouting out shapes to Mr. C, and they were giggling all the way. So fun!

That was our week! Hope you enjoyed how we explored the letter T. See you next week!

xoxo, k.

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