No pacifiers! And other things I said I'd never do...

I think this picture really says it all...

This is how we nap.  Note the pacifier.
Ok, so maybe it's not how we nap ALL the time, but after putting E down for her nap this afternoon, I found her 10 minutes later in her crib happily cooing at her ceiling fan.  No nap.  Wide awake. Now this kid had been up for over 2 hours, and I know she's tired, but alas, no nap.  Car seat?  Nap!

Not only is she napping in her car seat (and ready to go for a voyage from the looks of it), there lies the dreaded pacifier! A background story here... If there was one thing I was certain of going into the hospital to deliver our precious little girl, it was that I would not by any means offer her a pacifier.  Visions of 5 year olds still holding onto their binky between their teeth haunted my brain. How long did that last? Twenty-four hours.  That was it.  Baby E was one day old.

On a related note, I was also determined not to have a thumb sucker.  Now, I'm not so sure as to how I was going to prevent this, but I was determined.  It turns out E likes to suck. Pacifiers AND her thumb.  And this week, she found it :)

Caught in the act!
On a positive note, I never thought I'd exclusively breastfeed my child, or ever want to be a stay at home mom.  Both are turning out to be two of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, aside from marrying Paul, and trying to have a baby. We're just so blessed to have such a happy, healthy little girl, regardless of whether or not she naps in a chair while sucking on her thumb next to Copley with the TV on in the background :)

Best friends :)
That's all for this week!  Hope everyone is having a happy one,

Mrs. Kuda


  1. You know, both my girls found their thumbs! Lucy was a couple months old and Lola was 3 months old. Lucy gave it up after about a year or so, Lola had to be bribed at age 3 to give it up! Good luck!!


  2. Kritter, Paul, Emma & Copley ... finally able to catch up with you blog wise. Kristin, you are doing a masterful job! I shouldn't be surprised you are such a good writer. Please keep up with this. It is fun, informative and a terrific outlet for your talents. Plus we see more of Emma. Love you all, Dad


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