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First off, a little homework for you all. I started following this amazing blog a few months ago. And for those of you who know her, you know Lisa-Jo Baker is a special kind of person who just knows how to put words down on paper (and I'm well aware I'm super late to the Lisa-Jo party, but I'm thrilled to finally have found her). She wrote a book, and I'm telling you I can't wait to get my hands on it!

She doesn't know me, and I don't know her (though I feel like I do), but what I do know is that this book is important. She understands what it is like to be a momma. That we all struggle in the daily minutia of it all, but we were made to be here, in this place. This gut-wrenching, emotionally and physically exhausting place of motherhood, where we so often feel isolated and trapped. She lets us be OK with feeling like that, then picks us up so we can carry on. Because that's what we mothers do. We carry on.

So get yourself a copy of Surviving Motherhood! It comes out on Tuesday, but I'm pre-ordering mine today :)

In other news, I've been feeling lead to write more, and I can't really get better unless I, well, write. So I'm challenging myself to write at least three times per week, and one of those will be a link-up for Five Minute Friday. This week's prompt is...



I can't find the link for this, but if/when I do, I'll post it!

You are just a wee boy, but to me you are strong. You are wise beyond your years, and you are mine. You have no idea the pull you have on me, oh sweet boy that will likely be my last. This mighty pull of yours takes me to the land of boys. Where everything is rough and tumble and mud and water everywhere and throwing food. Yet, you smile and my heart melts and you can do no wrong.

I think about who you'll be, who you'll love, what you'll throw yourself into. I wonder if you'll continue to be an observer, a problem solver, but one whose temper flares when things aren't right. I pray you'll be a mighty man, who loves the Lord, loves his wife, loves his children. Who does right, who looks out for those who don't have your grace, your strength, your confidence. Who loves those even when they don't love you back. I pray you find your happy place in many ways, and that you do it your own way, not depending on others to define who you are.

You are my mighty little man. Full of possibilities, spunk, fire for life. I love you, sweet boy.


Until next time,

Mrs. Kuda
Five Minute Friday

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  1. Dropping by from FMF!
    He IS a mighty little man- full of great potential!! I love looking at my kids and dreaming of the awesomeness of their future!! You've got a cute little guy!


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