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See the bottom of today's post for an easy Father's Day (or any day, really) craft! Mr. Kuda: DONT LOOK UNTIL YOU GET YOUR GIFTS!

A few nights ago, Mr. Kuda and I were talking about plans for Father's Day. I can't remember the specific details of the conversation, but basically he told me that, while he was happy to celebrate the holiday, he didn't see the point seeing as I (as the mom) do all the hard work.

Which was sweet. But kind of depressing.

Sure, I do all the scheduling, I make lunches and breakfasts. I'm usually the one to fix up a boo-boo and put the kiddos to bed. I know the ins and outs of our routine because I set it. Because that's what we chose.

You choose to do the hard thing. To move your family an hour an a half from work so we could have more space, more peace, a lesser mortgage, and better schools. You choose to get up at 3:45 every morning and choose to work your booty off to provide your family the life you think is best for them.

When I get weary and overwhelmed from the daily grind of raising the wee ones, you take over, despite having little sleep and your 3 hour-a-day commute. You help me to not take life too seriously, to see the lighter side, to change things up to keep life fun. And you cook dinner. Thank the good Lord you cook dinner (we'd otherwise be forever consuming chicken fingers and/or pasta).

Wouldn't it be awful for our kids if we were the same? If we both reinforced schedules and made laundry and keeping house our responsibility? What fun would that be? Maybe you don't see it, but I do. They do. They see you as this giant of a man who loves them unconditionally, who challenges them, and teaches them to do good in this world. You're teaching them adventure, the not-so-serious side of things (thank goodness for that), and most importantly, you are a strong father figure showing them the ways of the world.

We love you so much, and we are the luckiest family in the world to have you as our fearless leader!

xoxo, k.


A shout out to the other awesome dad in my life... My own! Love you, dad!

And here's the craft I promised!

Easy as pie, I promise! I had the kiddos paint their own design using acrylic paint using an 8x10 canvas board. Then, I adhered a favorite photo using Matte Modge Podge. I used a sponge brush to cover the entire project, then using a hot glue gun, I attached a ribbon at the top to hang. Voila!


  1. Sweet post! Thanks for sharing.
    Hang on to this one, Paul, she's a keeper :-)

    1. Sameer! I never saw this! Thanks so much :) Miss you! xoxo


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