Are We Normal?

This post is sooooo not going to be what you thought it was about. Just saying.

Nine years ago, I met this guy. I met him at the end of a time in my life where I'd probably made some poor choices as far as men I had dated, and I will be the first to say I was a bit skeptical. He was opinionated, ultra-conservative, sarcastic, overly confident, and oh so handsome. Totally not who I thought I needed or wanted at the time. Until my sweet friend (and roomie) Jessi met him. And took it as her job to take the next three months to convince me he would be the guy I would marry.

Long story short, we were engaged in less than a year, and married almost exactly a year later. Mr. Kuda has given me a life I never thought was possible. We laugh daily. We argue. We roll our eyes at each other. But at the end of the day, we love each other.  And it is hard, hard work to love, or even like someone for any length of time.

And that was before kids. Adding kids to a marriage is like adding baking soda to boiling water. You think it will add a little kick, and everything just boils over. Kids are hard. They will not fix a marriage or make it better. They will test it to its outer limits, and then they will test it some more. Add in a little fatigue and false expectations for parenthood, and you've got yourself a big hot mess. Except when you have the perfect person for you standing right along side getting you through to the other side. When you have someone who knows how to see the lighter side of things, and knows how to help you see it, too.

Don't get me wrong. Since moving three times, having two kiddos, and a number of job changes, Mr. Kuda and I have definitely had some downs to match our ups. But again, at the end of the day, he's still my best friend. And even when I don't like him very much, I love him so so much. I love that I am the person that gets to be his person, and watch him grow as a father, spouse, and so much more.

A while back, we were watching TV in bed, and he was about to go out of town for a ski trip. We were both zoned out on our phones, but I knew he was leaving so I put my leg next to his, just so we were connected somehow. Now, both of us pretty much hate feet (Especially me. I despise them. A lot.), and he somehow thought it was me that had put my foot on him (pretty sure this isn't how it went down), and somehow it ended up with feet trying to get all up in each other's business, eventually with Mr. Kuda's feet ending up on my head. And us just sitting there laughing hysterically, with our feet on each other's heads. Then he looked at me and said, "We can't be normal. I mean, are we normal?" We just looked at each other and laughed, talked a bit, then went to sleep.

Babe, we are so not normal. It is so awesome. And I couldn't imagine being so not normal with anyone else in this world. Happy 7th (WHAT? How did that happen?!?) Anniversary! I can't believe we get to do this life together, and I love you to pieces!

xoxo, k.


  1. Amazing! I loved it! And no, you guys are so not normal and I hope you stay like that for years and years to come!!


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