4 month stats

Our little girl is 4 months today! I can't believe how quickly the time flies.  Here are some stats:

Weight: 12 pounds, 11 1/2 ounces (the 1/2 is important!)
Length: 24 inches
Amount of times she has rolled from her back to stomach while in bed and completely freaked out: 2

Poor thing. She was so freaked out by this, she just screamed! And all I wanted to do was take a picture and tell her how proud I was of her, but of course I needed to tend to the banshee in her crib first.

I digress...

Four months!  The "first" I have been looking forward to most is starting solids. Despite my mother's recommendation ("You were eating solids at 3 weeks old!"  Yeah, remember when she said I was also sleeping 12 hours a night at 3 weeks old?  Me too.), I wanted to postpone solids until Doc said it was ok.  And we got the ok! Poor little girl has been staring and drooling at me at each meal, but I was disciplined and waited.

The results?

Sheer joy and happiness. This kid was born ready to eat food from a spoon.  She actually gets angry if I go too slow. At first I thought she was fussing because she didn't like it, but as soon as I picked up the pace she just looked like a little baby bird waiting for the next drop of goodness.  Even though this has only been going on for three days, when I put E in her chair (just so I can get some things done in the kitchen) she starts smacking her lips waiting for the deliciousness to come.

By far my most favorite 'first' for little girl!  Can't wait to see what she does next :)

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