Five Minute Friday: Dear

Every week, a whole heap of fabulous women get together and bravely write for Five Minute Friday. Today's prompt is...



Something about this holiday season has me in a bit of a funk, and I just can't seem to grasp ahold of the reasons or the whys. I'm finding myself floating along, doing the tasks, admiring the glow and twinkle of lights, but I just can't seem to dive in and really live it.


But there's something about the sweet sound of laughter in a basement, coffee cups splayed on a table, inhibitions left at the door, and the undeniable sense of safety. Of love. There's something about leftover Thanksgiving goodies as we bare our souls to dear friends, relating our stories of God's glory, our failures, His promises, our shortcomings, His perfection.

There's something about the lifting up and the digging deep and the keeping it real. These dear women keep me focused on the One who does all, knows all, loves all. 

"...your faith is growing more and more, and the love you have for one another is increasing..."
2 Thessalonians 1:3

You see? These women? These encouragers of faith and supporters of life? They were designed specifically for you. He did that for you. Embrace them. Grow them. Love them. Whether they are right in front of you face to face, or if they're in the virtual community you call home each week. Love them as He loves you.


Y'all! December is kicking me right in the rear. No joke. In addition to extra family fun, Christmas cheer, and all other things crazy, I started my own business. I know. I've probably lost my mind. (it's so exciting, though! More on that later.) But one thing is for sure: I MISS YOU! So I promise to write more in the upcoming weeks, especially as we anticipate the sweet celebration of Christ's birth. In the meantime, I'll keep checking in on you, and you keep checking in on me. Deal? 

xoxo, k.

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