Valentine's Day Recap

Yes, it's been over a week since V-Day. We've been through a lot since then. Let me bring you to where we are today...

February 15: Mrs. Kuda has a fever. Ignores it. Tells Mr. Kuda to not touch anything and to take babies far far away.

February 16-17: Continue with Mrs. Kuda's fever, but she works both days anyway as a means to stay away from babies. Enter Mr. C fever. And hacking cough. And overall 5 month old pathetic-ness. Sigh. Enter Miss E and her crankiness. Which can only mean one thing...

February 18: Continue Mr. C and Miss E fever. Mr. C has a hard time breathing. Inhaler. Doesn't. WORK. Off to the ER. Oral steroids are awesome.

February 19: Miss E starts crying while eating.

February 20: Miss E starts screaming while eating. Open mouth? Open canker sore. Infected. Plus an ear infection.

So do I have a good excuse? Yeah. I thought so.

But let's rewind a smidgen to Valentine's Day. Mr. Kuda and I really don't celebrate it, but Miss E is just at this age where everything is so... FUN.  Everything is new and exciting and FUN. So I did my best to build it up. And honestly? It was the best. day. EVER!

At the beginning of the week, I set up Miss E's desk with books that depicted love and discussed Valentine's Day. She always comes down at the beginning of the week wondering what we'll be doing, so she was really excited to see new books!

Well, OF COURSE we had to make cookies! Miss E is such a trooper when it comes to long baking tasks. Nine times out of ten she'll stick with me through the end. She loved frosting them and sprinkling sprinkles.  They were DELICIOUS! I'm really trying to instill giving to others, so we gave a majority of our cookies to friends and my group at CBS, including her two teachers.
The kiddos also received "love gifts" from mommy and daddy. Truth be told, I've been wanting to get Miss E a doll/stroller set for awhile, and it was just a good reason. And poor Mr. C doesn't get anything that's his own, so there you go. Needless to say, both were a hit...
Love how he's really starting to engage in toys!
Her name is Clara.
We actually did some really great work, too. Thanks to some really awesome material I found, Miss E practiced matching hearts and completing simple heart puzzles. I even made some cutting strips, since the scissors Santa brought her have been making a star appearance during most of her Tot School time. She just loves it!

It was just one of those days as a mom that made my heart melt. Both kids were kind to each other. Miss E was on her best behavior. We played outside in the beautiful weather. We even made a little craft for Mr. Kuda to hang up at work. I loved every second of it.
I mean, seriously. How cute are they?

Sometimes I wonder if anything I say actually enters into their brains. If all the things I'm trying to teach ever reach deep inside. I'll leave you with this.

A few days after Valentine's Day, I was putting Miss E to bed. It's not so strange for her to call out for one more thing before I close the door, and sometimes I ignore her, but this particular night I didn't.

Miss E: Momma? I tell you something.

Mrs. Kuda: Yes, love?

E: We gave cookies to Sally and Amber.

K: We did, honey. Wasn't that nice?

E: Yes, momma. They are yummy.

K: Did it feel good to do that?

E: Yes, momma. It was nice. It was good. Sally and Amber are happy. Bye.

I just love her little heart.

Until next time,

Mrs. Kuda

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